The Art curriculum at St. Andrew’s aims to give children the opportunity to learn how to handle and use a wide range of tools and materials skillfully and to provide quality experiences of the work of artists.
We regard Art as being important activity which encourages creativity and extends children’s confidence and ability. We regularly work with professional artists and encourage classes to visit threatres, school concerts, museums and art galleries. We also work closely with the artist in residence at our partner school. In addtion, we aim to develop in our children children an interest and appreciation of the Arts.

Design Technology is about pupils learning to develop their capability through their designing and making skills. All pupils are given the opportunity to experience a range of materials, to observe, identify and understand elements of design, both natural and synthetic. Pupils are given the opportunity to:
• Design and make products
• Develop and practice particular skills through focused practical tasks.
• Engage in activities which enable them to investigate and evaluate simple products

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