“St Andrews CE Primary School is a warm and welcoming inclusive learning environment… adults and children alike feel that they are listened to and heard.”
Inclusion Quality Mark Award 2013.

“Exceptional features of this school include the overall ethos of supporting and developing all children and meeting all needs”  Flagship Inclusion Quality Mark Award, 2017

“Pupils are friendly and welcoming and they get on well together, regardless of background. Discrimination on any grounds is not tolerated.”  OFSTED 2014

St Andrews CE Primary School believes strongly in an inclusive approach to education and we aim to provide equality of opportunity for all children. This is seen as the responsibility of the whole school community, and applicable to all our pupils. However, we know that the following groups of learners may need some extra support to reach their potential.

Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities:

“The needs of individual pupils and groups are well supported through careful attention to their specific requirements… The analysis of outcomes, which is reviewed regularly, informs any interventions.”
Inclusion Quality Mark Award 2013

“Highly trained teaching assistants provide good support to disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs. They deliver small group lessons as well as one-to-one support in class to help pupils to understand what they are expected to do. Consequently, these pupils make progress at similar rates to their classmates.”

Children with any special needs and disabilities are welcomed for admission and wherever possible their needs are met. We are committed to ensuring that disabled pupils can participate fully in the school curriculum, and take an active role in all extra-curricular activities.

The staff work in partnership with parents/carers and pupils and liaise with external agencies to build upon pupil’s strengths and support areas of difficulty. Please see our ‘Special Educational Needs and Disabilities’ School Report for more information about how we provide for children with SEND.

Read our SEND Information Report HERE

Click HERE for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

Children who are looked after by Social Services or who are living with foster families:

We provide a safe learning environment for our Looked after Pupils ensuring that their individual needs are met by maintaining good communication with those caring for the child, social services and support services.  We commit to attending review meetings and ensuring the targets set on Personal Education Plans are integrated into school life.

Children whose home language is not English:

“The school has a celebratory culture that supports all children’s achievements… Families with differences in cultures and belief are welcomed.”
Inclusion Quality Mark Award 2013.

“Pupils… who speak English as an additional language, work hard and make good progress.”

At St Andrews CE Primary School we welcome and value pupils who speak more than one language and who represent a range of different cultures and backgrounds. Between them, the pupils at the school currently speak 24 languages! We celebrate these different languages through the everyday life of the school, and during special events such as ‘International Evening’. When a child arrives at St Andrews who does not speak English, they will receive extra support from staff and be given a peer mentor who speaks the same language to help them settle in. In Ks2, a group of pupils called ‘Language Experts’ promote a range of languages and cultures through assemblies, events and presentations. They also act as peer translators where needed.

Children who are Able, Gifted and/or Talented:

“The staff at St Andrews expect their pupils to be aspirational… Children are engaged and reflective about their learning.”  Inclusion Quality Mark Award 2013

“Lessons are planned in detail, ensuring they are interesting and challenging for everyone and there are many imaginative and exciting activities planned for pupils.”  Flagship Inclusion Quality Mark Award, 2017

“Pupils… who are more able, achieve well, reflecting the school’s promotion of equal opportunity.”

We are committed to providing an environment which encourages all pupils, including more able pupils to maximise their potential a high level of performance in an academic and non-academic areas. A High Achiever can be usually defined as the top 5-10% of academic achievers however high achievers are also identified in non-academic areas.

We aim to encourage pupils to be independent learners and provide work at an appropriate level and opportunities for pupils to work with like-minded peers both within school and the wider community. Provision for pupils is through quality first teaching and differentiation in the classroom, teacher expectation of pupil performance and additional learning activities wherever possible.

Children who are at risk of harm, disaffection or disadvantage:

This group of pupils includes…

  • Pupils who may be subject to abuse, or harassment.
  • Pupils whose family are in crisis, or under great stress.
  • Children whose families may be asylum seekers or refugees.
  • Pupils with poor attendance.
  • Pupils who are at risk of disengagement or exclusion from school.

“This school understands the value of ensuring that the child is comfortable, happy and thus able to learn…. The Parent Partnership Leader is a well-respected member of staff……It was good to see the high level of parent consultation and particularly rewarding to hear how much parents value the inclusive work of this Primary School.”
Inclusion Quality Mark 2013

At St Andrew’s, we have a strong pastoral team. Miss Sue, our Parent Partnership Leader, is dedicated to offering support to families and signposting them to further help where needed. Our Pupil Guidance and Support Leader, Mr Collins supports children in school if they are experiencing difficulties relating to their wellbeing.

Inclusion is at the heart of school life at St Andrews CE Primary School. We asked the children what they thought made an inclusive school, and they answered…..

“Inclusion is about welcoming everyone, even when they are different to us.”

“Inclusion is helping people to take part in activities and learning.”

“In our inclusive school, everyone feels safe, happy and included.”

“Everyone should do their best and everyone is helped to improve every day.”

“The teachers and friends believe in you, and you believe in yourself.”

“It means that some people are different, but that’s ok… that’s good. They are your equal.”

“If you speak a different language, we have translators.”

“If you have a problem the school help you to solve it…. You have a problem solver, like we have Miss Sue.”

“Inclusion means helping your friends if they are upset or lonely.”

“Inclusion means including everybody… and that means every single person.”

Read our Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policy HERE

Our Inclusion Team:

The St Andrews community work as a team to support children in overcoming any difficulties they may have. This team may include parents and carers, teachers, and external professionals.

Meet the key members of our Inclusion Team…

Miss Forrest, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO)

Jayne Mitchell, Headteacher and Child Protection Officer

Miss Sue Robbins, Parent Partnership Leader

Mr Collins, Pupil Guidance and Support Leader

Miss Betty, SEN Support Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Sharon, SEN Support Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Ruth, SEN Support Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Philip Prior, Educational Psychologist

Tess Miller, Educational Psychotherapist

Maeve Harrington, Speech and Language Therapist

Noel Gardner, Larkhall Outreach Worker for children with Autism

















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