Throughout the year we go on many trips and visits, as well as an annual school journey in Y4 and in Y6.

Here are some of the places our children have visited….the Museum of London, Tate Modern, The Toy Museum, The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, London Zoo, The Butterfly House, Hampton Court, Southwark Cathedral, City Hall, Stamford Bridge – Chelsea Football Club, The Royal Opera House and more.

We have a number of after school clubs that give the pupils of St. Andrew’s the opportunity to try something new.

Activities on offer include TaeKwondo, Spanish, French, Street Dance, Sports, Drama, Capoiera, Art and ICT.

We also encourage all our children to learn a musical instrument and we are very proud of the high number of children who take us up on our offer. Instrument lessons take place during the school day, at lunchtimes and occasionally after school.

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